Tuesday, August 22, 2017

An Oasis on Paradise Lake closing out summer 2017

Positive vibes and smiles were the theme of this past weekend... ok, Glamping was REALLY the theme. But it's my Blog sooo, yeah! Imma go with the positive vibes and smiles thingy. 

I didn't want to take too long to post about this absolutely amazing event/ festival, I wanted you to feel what I felt and waiting too long would have meant things and feelings would have been forgotten and this event means more to me then just the music and hopefully I will be able to convey that message to you. 

Image may contain: 2 peopleMy dad would take us camping every summer. He was an outdoorsy kinda guy. Kept a pistol a few shot guns a hunting rifle or 4, fishing gear.. you know, dad stuff.  What I liked most about camping was the people that I would only get to see on our summer vacations. A place far away from the city with other families having a grand time together. Folks by the fire after the sun set., the laughter.. and the thing that brought us all together on the campground (beside the food) was the music. Take your mind to the place where you 1st fell in love with the music. For me it was anything in the 70's for the folks around the campgrounds it was the music of their youth. So basically we got a great mixture of music and an even better gathering of friends. That's me and my dad in Canada like back in the 70's.

Image may contain: 1 personFast forward to the 90's. Time and my dad both passed. But my mother being the person that she is decided she was going to buy some property. It was off the lake surrounded by woods in Holly Mi., now I have to pause her cause my mom NEVER went camping with us. But she is the real Bad and Bourgeois. This is my mother at the closing for the property. She was glamours, fly, and refined! It is from her I get my re-fineness from. I don't use it., but I have it in case of emergencies. 

My parents gave me the best of both worlds culture, a love for nature ( yeah, I don't like nature like I use to) My mother gave me a since of pride. Black pride. My father taught me to love all-even when you don't want to. Even if they don't deserve the love you have. He taught me to be kind, funny and helpful, have fun.  My mother.. well from her, I get that "fuck you" attitude. 

But I digress, "Glamping".. it's the perfect combination of  camping and that glamorous life! Much like how I was raised..

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and hatIt's my understanding ( and someone please correct me if I am wrong) that this event started in Southfield Mi. by a man.. Cedric McDougle is his name. He and other like minded individuals, (sorry I do not know ya names folks). Have put together what I am SURE will be the MUST attend event of the summer.  

I've only had the pleasure of meeting Cedric a handful of times and he's always easy to talk to and carries that bright smile of his like a badge of honor. It isn't too much I can tell you about this man, cause I don't know anything about him except what I've written thus far. What I do love and respect is he has taken his love for camping, people, refinement,and music and has brought new life back to Idlewild Michigan.

A history of Idlewild ( <----yeah, imma need you people to click on the word "Idlewild" cause it's far too much for a sistah to write)!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, beard and outdoorThe grounds are managed by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lindsey they were most accommodating, helpful, genuine and kind.  They wanted me to make sure I let everyone know that they welcome ALL festivals like this one., and that property is available for purchase. 

With  desegregation came the decline of this once thriving get away, the likes of Ike and Tina, The Four Tops, O'Jays have all played there! 

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoorI saw street names, like...Peaceful, Unity, Tranquil. That spoke volumes to me. And while its virtually nothing there at one time it was the mecca for middle class black America. A time when we depended on each other. When we had no choice but to be with our own. There were some run down cabins but there were also cabins that made your mouth drop. The calm lake and somewhat level ground made for a most pleasant experience. Seeing all those tents glammed up for what was about to be the end all be all for the summer of music 2017! I wish we could go back to those times. When we had to depend on each other when we had to stick together. It would be sad to see this property go away like so many others. But!!! Property is available, and like my parents. If you like camping, or if you would like a nice lake home, here is where you want to buy, build, and continue to carry on what our ancestors dreamed of and were promised.. that 40 acres and a mule!

I would be lying if I said I didn't want it to remain a black get-away because ALL are welcomed. But for once just ONCE in the history of niggadom I would like for this place to remain untouched by big corporations or go the way of Hilton Head or The Gulla Island(s) Or have that upwardly mobile group of urban suburbans.. who snatch up property and change what we fought so long and hard to have! Let's leave a legacy, some land and memories for our children. Please consider buying, growing, and keeping this place on the map.

Riding up in what I call the extended version of Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine was way cool. We had that RV, cause y'all already know PJ does NOT do nature anymore. I had to have something with some walls and wheels honey! I mean its Bears and shit up there! They can knock over a tent! yeah, let em try a big ass RV, knock THAT shit over Yogi.. it aint happnin!

Since we were running on CPT, that's colored people time for the un informed. We did not arrive until the wee hours of Saturday morning. Most were already asleep after hearing some slamming sets. Most notably by Steve Maxwell. Now you know my ear is always to the ground so I have ways of finding out who banged and who didn't. THIS extra large man set if off! er'r from what I'm told!

It was so nice to see all the amazing tents that had been set up in a city like fashion fire pits blazing, music coming from various speakers. It was tranquil and all seemed unified! Peaceful even. 

Image may contain: 1 person, sittingSince we were in an RV we had to park a little ways from the actual site but it was not far at all., and close enough for me to hear each and every DJ. I woke up to Raynard Hines.. but since I woke up with a serious buzz. ( I was with Agent X ) and you KNOW how he gets down. I can't say that I remember too much about his set. I do remember that it had more of an R&B feel to it. Which was perfect for those who are not well versed in House music.. a great segue for the newbies. By the time Celeste Alexander got on, if you weren't a House head you were by the time she finished. But more about that 1st Lady later.

Since I,  for some odd reason am always the one cooking. Its really not an odd reason. Mostly I volunteer and this weekend was no exception. SO!!! while the steaks, braats, chicken, grilled portabella's and the new pasta dish I have been making were coming together nicely. I was able to hear all the banging tunage coming from the stage. Plus I am more nocturnal and wanted to wait until night fall to get out! 

Image may contain: 1 personMike Clark did his thug thizzle on the 1's and 2's coming in nice and soft an afternoon audio delight. Mike has seen many stages around the globe and understands that when you give good karma, you get good karma back. And from the looks of things karma has come in the form of a beautiful dimpled smiled young lady. Mike Clark and I go back almost 30 years. He and I don't always speak the same language musically, but he always teaches me something new every time he plays. Resident DJ for the Life Party at Northern Lights. He is one the best Detroit has to offer! 

Image may contain: one or more people and indoorThe Sandman fell through and kicked it Toledo style. Big ups to this Cat here. He is one Sandman who never puts you to sleep! His musical selection has me thinking.. "yeah, he don't know he's white". Kinda like Todd Weston and Adam Francesconi. They are not aware of their whiteness when they get behind the decks. Todd has a vast knowledge of the music and plays effortlessly every time. I have NEVER heard him make any kinda mistake. He needs to have more of a Detroit presents ( I hope I spelled that right)... He does come with a warning. IF you feed him, he will EAT! like EVERYTHING That man can put away some food. I only know ONE other DJ who MIGHT be able to out eat this Cat here. Todd is always down to have his Detroit brothers and sisters spin at his club there in Toledo. He will put that small town on the map in a big musical way.. just please.. don't feed him! If you value the food in your pantry..DO NOT feed him! He also has some of the doppest flyer art around!


Image may contain: 1 person, indoorRick Wilhite!!!!!! That friend of mine, never ceases to amaze me. I mean, yeah.. I am a tad bit bias when it comes to him. Yeah, he holds a very special place in my heart.. ok, with that being said. Rick tore that shit out the frame. He came with a Strings of Life edit or remix ( y'all know I don't know the difference) that was hot as fish grease. When he played Emerald  City as his first cut at the Charivari picnic I selfishly thought he was playing for me cause he knows that is my favorite joint he plays..there are a few others but that is in my, "top 5 list of shit Big Phool plays" Big Phool = Rick Wilhite. He made a steady climb leading up to a very climatic ending. He almost made me leave the barbeque grill. Go over. Throw a shoe at him. and leave! He was in his element! ..and I was along for the ride! His, Beautiful Sunday's at Motor City Wine are something to look forward to every 3rd Sunday of the month!

Image may contain: 1 personThen came, Celeste Alexander.. let me tell you a few things I heard while she was playin, "oh she aint playin wit none of y'all. "she on another level" "she the shit" Just a few words about this lovely 1st Lady. From my understanding Chicago's 1st female DJ- and let me add... most ALL the female DJs from Chicago are good., gifted even! I pray they give her the respect she so deserves. She along with Detroit's on godmother Stacey Hale kicked in the door so other SheJ's can walk through! 
Now, as I watched Celeste I couldn't help but notice her eyes. They for one, are the most beautiful eyes. Because they come with knowledge, pain, love, understanding, and a good dose of telling it like it is! I couldn't help but think. Celeste looks like she's. Talking on the phone to one of her girls, with a cobbler  in the oven, fryin some chicken, watching the stories and the neighborhood kids all while DJing, she has her shit together she can do like 30 things and once and make it look easy. She takes care of her crowd like she takes care of her family, with love and its showed through her skill... I had no idea she was a depeche mode fan., but when she played Personal Jesus ya girl liked to fell out! Some Chitown DJ's should have a 2nd home here. She is mos def one of them! and here's the thing. ya know she taught her husband how to play, and that brother can bang! She takes care of her musical selection I'm sure much like she takes care of Big E- with love she shows love, passion, power, and knowledge with every track she plays. I have nothing but mad love and respect for her. I waited two days to say all of this. Celeste came in there and showed all the way out! Humble and kind but will put you in ya place if need be! She is strong and loving both on and off the table! I truly admire her! Not to mention her, Vic and Steve brought the entire south side with them! Way to support Chi town family I hope to see more of you next year.

Image may contain: one or more people and people on stage....and then came Vic! Now let me set the mood. All the DJs played a variety of music but mostly it was on that chilled out mellow kinda vibe. I had heard of Vic Lavender but never heard him play so I am glad I had this opportunity to hear him in the atmosphere. The music that he played was perfect for a seemingly moonless night, Track after track was meant (IMO) to elevate your consciousness. He dropped that Pirahnahead's Beautiful Epiphany remix the party goers went wild. Love it when that I-94 connection comes together musically. His set was in a word, stellar. I didn't want to leave, he could have played all night and the people would have danced! Vic Lavender would be a VERY welcomed guest here in Detroit. Message to the club owners and promoters. This is the Cat you want to bring to the D! Rick, he needs a Beautiful Sunday indeed. Melissa and Dave,are you reading this. GET THIS CAT on the bill for MOVEMENT! - yes, I was yelling! 

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and outdoorEarl Mixxin McKinney played a set perfect for us to wake up to. To tell ya the truth I had to ask who was playing since I'm so use to Earl going for the kill, but mid morning Earl is much different than night time Earl. What I liked best about Earl was, as his set progressed, so did his DJ stylings. He went for that soft, " its time to wake up kids" to " alright people get off ya asses and dance" and the people responded in kind.  Aside from being one of the BEST MC's and a bit of a wordsmith, Earl is one of the best at controlling the crowd. Knowing what to play and when to play it. He draws you in with his energy. He controls your mood. He is a Scorpio ya know they like that control factor! Earl is primed for gigs overseas. We love you here baby, but it's time for you to fly!

While this may be the newest festival to the line up it is set to be one of the best. To have this in a place with such history. A place where serenity flows effortlessly to see people come together., unity in dance was in a word, beautiful. Was it a success, well as always that depends on what you think success is. My guess, yes it was mos def a success. It was on a totally different level all together. 

Please don't compare this with any other festivals its is as unique as the others. The best part is they allow the DJs to really get into their groove no hour only sets. I'm bummed Eddie Fowlkes and Jamie 326 were not there, but I'm sure they had their reasons. However I will have to have a chat with Mr's Fowlkes and 326 about this. I can't believe you two did this to me!?! yes.. ME!! cause, I'm selfish like that!

I opted to go to Summer Oasis because of the historic venue and the DJ's that were set to play. I couldn't allow my dislike for a few to keep me from doing what I love. Dancing and enjoying this thing we call House! I even got a personal "thank you" from one of the event promoters. I was glad that she did not allow our differences to stop her from offering a genuine thanks. I was proud of myself for accepting the offer without my usual gruff attitude. And while we will never be friends. ( that's no secret) I have to commend her on helping to bring this thing we love most to a place where we can all come together because of not in spite of! If you have yet to make it to the Summer Oasis festival I highly recommend it. If you need to close your summer out in a tranquil way, I suggest you make the 3 hour drive ( longer if you're not from Detroit). You will NOT be sorry you came. I wasn't! I will be a life time attendee for sure!

I'm not sure why music can express things we can not. But I heard you loud and clear. Thank you for "sending me your love". I am sending mine right back. Yes, I love you more than you will ever know! ...and that will be forever and always

Let the Music Play!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Charivari has come and gone, but as always the music and SHINE live on!

Image result for charivari detroit 2017this is how I see Detroit!

Yes, another, 1st weekend in August has come and gone. Team Charivari did a hellluva job promoting the, SHINE! The new venue is perfect for this ever growing event. Sometimes you have to move to find the right amount of space to SHINE! ...and while we ( and I say "we" because "WE" are all apart of this) had to do some movin and shakin I think we have FINALLY found a spot that will allow our SHINE to GROW... where we can let ourselves GO from this point forward. 

No need to rehash how it got started, Todd Johnson (no relation) tells it best., check out his page and ask him. He's a great story teller.. but only after he has had a nap and some milk and cookies, cause I know that brother is tired! Carol... get is favorite blankey please. 

- so I started this Blog at like 12:00 pm it'd going on 4:30...yeah, and this is all I got. 

ANYWHO!!! back to this past weekend. 

1st let me extend my sincerest apologies to Dave, Melissa, and Todd Weston. I'm sorry y'all, I will be back once I am totally mobile again. Until then, I am there is spirit everyday!

Two things that I heard over and over again at the Festival, "yeah...I like to new spot, a little dusty but I like it"! So, big ups to Team Charivari you guys did an excellent job. 

Thankfully the weather was cool and we SHINED not with direct sunlight but with inner sunSHINE! My thought is if it is to be held there next year- and I have heard that it will be, a cooling tent my be needed.. oh, yeah and a charging station. 

I love the fact that on Friday nights are designated as the "free" nights. It allows those who may work on the weekend a chance to get their groove on and work up a sweat. and while by 10:00 I was out like a light my ears to the street told me that Friday night belonged to, this Cat right here... Mr. Tony Dennis 
Image result for charivari detroit 2017word in them streets is, Tony Dennis was straight FIYAH, the man shut it DOWN- in my Kevin Hart voice. I knew the brother had it in him. But from what I have heard he likes that soulful sexy stuff that Gruv is known for. Welp, now you are more than just and internet international DJ you have earned what you SO rightfully deserve even more respect around Detroit. I expect to be hearing more from Tony.. and Yes Tony, you ARE a DJ! 

So, I get up and ready cause, in my mind I was going to turn ALL the way up on Saturday, I was in my element.. wit my peeps, lawn chair dancing, hangin, drankin, sangin, SHINING! ...and that is exactly what we ALL did. 

Let me tell you a little about the space. It sits right off the water nestled in between a high rise high ass rent apartment building and has the view of the Ambassador bridge just ahead. With a great view of Canada to the east. ( um, I think Canada is east of Detroit) I mean... whatever, you get my drift. 

Now the tents were kinda close to each other, but you have to take into account that they could not have the music too close to the high rise or to the residential homes to the left. So I dug why the stages were so close together. Plus I did not see a lot of areas where you could hook up all the electricity needed to run the stages, vendor booths, etc.. etc..
 The upside to that is, ya didn't have to walk far to hear your favorite DJs.  

The weather was perfect for this event just cool enough to keep us happy, while we heated the park up dancing and fist pumping...and yeah, folks complained about the dirt and ground, but to be fair there had been a concert/festival the prior weekend, and this IS Detroit. you know these negros don't take care of public property like they should.

...but nonetheless, we SHINED!

I did not get to hear some of the DJs "I" wanted to hear, but again.. Todd'nem wont let me in on those meetings cause they are afraid I'll eat all the snacks and stuff! I did enjoy hearing the new Cats that thrilled the crowd and put smiles on the faces of those who attended. 

Image may contain: one or more peopleOf course Tracey Marvin and Joseph James Hall came home to support this event, and to have that epic dance off that they are so known for.Image may contain: 1 person 

What I like most about these two is no matter what, they are bound to get the party started. They dance no matter what the crowd is like, as long as good music is played. 

And while the crowd was small compared to some other events the vibe was just as strong if not stronger. Because the players are those who live, work, and breath here. They are the ones who identify not only with the music but the heart and soul that is Detroit. They represent the best of the best new and old. 

YES!! I think Todd Weston, Malik Alston, Tink Thomas, Gari Romalis, Nervous Breakdown, Jeff Arthur, ALL three of the House Gallery Cats should have played.. but guess what, it ain't my event. YES!! I think Dave Spivey, Phil Tha Mixx, El Pavo Joe should be on the list next year. YES!! I know ALL this was started somewhere on the west side. but we've grown and with growth comes change. So just wait, Charivari is not a fly by night thing you will get your opportunity to SHINE. Simply submit your work, Im sure that is what most did. No one said you can get in just on the strength of you being a DJ or because you have known these people since Regan was in office. 

I do like the fact that Team Charivari tried to be inclusive and give others a chance. They show that when you have a dream, a mission, and a love for your city you can do anything. 

So Saturday was my favorite day, but by all accounts most people favored Sunday. 

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and textAs the sun set, just as dusk was starting to settle in Mike Huckaby was on the box. Now, I don't know if he and God are one with each other but I will say this.... that man's entire vibe changed just as day was turning to night. Like it was effortless. He played some standards ( I wasn't use to him doing that). Then he came in with some ol' smooth shit sexy, melodic type vibe. 

I am STILL waiting to hear both he and his brother Craig play a set together- fellas, and I KNOW ONE of you are reading this. Can a sistah PLEASE get a set with the Huckaby brothers. MCW we can call it, I Love the Huckaby's or some silly shit like that. 

Image may contain: 1 personOf course Peter Croce came in and slapped us around with the stylings of the professional that he is. He is now a label owner - I believe it's Motor City Wine Recordings with David A-P, he is a true talent indeed. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, beard and indoorJohn Johr, as I was told was the hit of the day. But you know I stick with my favs and by the time he hit the stage I was out of battery life and could not take or post any video. But I got a chance to hear him at TV and that boy is slick! Minimal Techno sexy with a good ear for edits/remixes 

Image may contain: 2 peopleThe Ghita sisters ( they are so damn adorable) came in and played like two old pro's. I enjoy watching them because they give it to you two ways. One is more techno the other more of a House type vibe. They are up and coming and one's we should watch out for. 

Image may contain: 1 person, sittingTerry James, or TJ as I like to call him or Terry JAMS as I ALSO like to call him came and put a hurtin on folks., as I knew he would. TJ is so freakin HARD! the music is an extension of who he is at his core. I would like to hear him play around town more. I think he would be a good fit for House Galley night or Hot Pot or even a good old fashion DJ Battle at MIX... My money is going to be on Terry every time. Do NOT sleep on this Cat! 

Image may contain: 2 peopleMaking his appearance for the 1st time. DJ DSwin, this Cat plays with so much energy. He is probably one of the most passionate DJs Ive met. Another up and comer, glad to see Team Charivari saw the talent in this Cat and put him on the bill. Im sure we will be hearing more from him in the future!  

There were so many others who came out and made this weekend a success. It was nice to see the DJs there just to enjoy themselves and support their fellow DJs.  

My wish is that this location will become the permanent location for Charivari Detroit. Yes, OVERWELMINGLY most people preferred Milliken park or for me, it was the 2nd one on Belle Isle. 

But for things to grow, for people to grow, things have to change, and change can and will be good. 

Let's come together in the spirit of unity and the music, because that is ALWAYS the star of the show.

Please do not think for one minute, just because you're cool, or grew up with, or play all over that you will be chosen to play at any venue. Let alone a festival. Submit your work, put in the work.. hell... they do, and so should you!

This is a massive undertaking, money does NOT grow on trees. and for those who still think its ok to get that, "home girl/boy" hook up, its NOT OK!

If you're going to pay hundreds of dollars in May to see ( insert whomever) you mean to tell me you won't pay to see the Cats from your own city?! FOH ( fuck outta here) with that BS!

Aside from the music the best part of Charivari is watching the people come together. Seeing the DJ's show off looking at the smile on everyones faces. 

They do enjoy playing for the home crowd, and if you missed this my friends missed on helluva show, we even had some international travelers this year.  

Yes, we are growing but like the city its gonna take us all to make this bigger and better than anyone had imagined. Right now, in this time, more than ever we MUST unite, and show solidarity for one and other. Put down your petty beefs and differences. yes, even I am going to do the same. Right now.. we NEED each other, and as always we need to 

Let the Music Play


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Saturday, July 22, 2017

What the music should do...and what WE shouldn't!

Hey peeps! Its been some time hasn' t it. So many beautiful, magical, musical, memories have been made. But with beauty, comes pain. With magic, eventually reality sets in. With memories...well, ya have to see both the good and bad and re-live them. The magic and the reality and with the music especially House music, there should never ever be a negative vibe.. Music isn't human..but it does live and breath. It does give, life! It feeds your mind, quenches our desires and heals our souls.

What is your pleasure? Magic and beauty? Or the reality of pain! Where does the music take you? How does it make you feel? How did you feel when you fist fell in love with House music? Chances are, when you 1st heard it you were with a friend or a group of friends. You all felt magical you all felt the beauty in the way it made you feel.. House is the tangible intangible. No, you can't physically touch music. But music can touch you!
I remember when I fist HEARD Burnin- Peven Everett. The fist time I HEARD it..was when Wayne Williams played it at Christa and Phil Tha Mixx birthday party. It made me feel magical and beautiful. My memories will always be happy ones when I think about that wonderful night. I'd listened to that song a million times-ok maybe not a million, but you get what I'm saying.

Or the night, not too long ago when Josh Milan, Louie Vega, and Detroit's favorite son Rick Wilhite played at Motor City Wine. That night, the music touched us all. There was no, "hate" just fun and good times. Seeing all the DJs gathered in that cozy little wine bar taking in all the love and a fresh end of spring, beginning of summer night air..never would I have imagined the heatwave that was about to come.
Don't EVER think you know someone based soley on what you've heard..and become a shit talking, tough typing cyber bully! Any time you feel the need to blast someone cause you THINK you can shows how small of a person YOU are. Talking about peoples personal demons and you don't have a few of your own. Yep...I had to learn this the hard way.
 The summer of 2017 was steaming hot in more ways than one. The temp got sweltering with the weather and human temperment
What I have seen here lately is sad. The people most of you know, have grown up with, heard your 1st House song with, and started spinning with. You all have become (some NOT all) have become of THEE most hypocritical, back stabbing, talking about each other bunch of bitches! - yes!! I said, bunch-of-bitches! You forgot, the beauty of friendship, of the brother/sisterhood you share. The magic that you've felt standing next to the person who either...A. Put YOU on. Or B. YOU put them on.
We, here in Detroit are a part of the biggest underground sound known yet not known. People look to Detroit..and WE are Detroit. Please govern yourselves accordingly. Meaning, support each other. Stop talking trash behind each others backs. If you DO have something to say, say it to them directly instead of looking for an, Aman Corner to validate your feelings. Pay your djs..(some folks got a real REAL bad rep for NOT doing so) and just play the damn music. Take US, your audience, fans, supporters to that magical musical place. Make good memories..let us see the beauty of the people we dance and converse with.

Social Media has helped in so many ways..but, it's also brought out the ugly side for all to see, and formulate opinions about others. Be mindful of the words you speak and type. Detroit, we are small fish in a very big pond. However...we are important fish..because we feed the masses musically with our talent base.

Oh shit I forgot to say..PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT A COVER CHARGE. Everything can't be free and ya can't be on every guest list. A sad reality yours truly had to come to grips with..(im going to take a moment to pause here- i needed to shed a tear for that dose of reality)

...ok, I'm back ANYWHO...
I had to do a lot of thinking and changing. I had to step away from social media some harsh realities set in and priorities had to be prioritized. I had music, I did not see any beauty with all I was going through. I was thankful however. I did re-live random good memories.

I peeked into social media from time to time but PJ had to get her hustle up. Her mojo back. And get herself back. I had to look at what makes magic and beauty for me. And its you...ALL of you. With the exception of a few- hey...ya can't like everyone. Just except the fact that everyone deserves to occupy the same space as you..
Tina Nelson once told me I had to be completely un-bias when I write. Thats hard for me, because Im human..and I do have a heart and soft spot for those I care for. But whoa to those I don't.

So for those of you posting haphazardly not taking into account others feelings please take it from me. It ain't worth it.
If you should share your disdain for something or someone. Have a conversation squash that shit human to human.
You shouldn't bump into someone because you continue to carry a grudge. You should not carry emotional negativity every time you see someone who has wronged you..we too old for this. Stop speaking all of your feelings then having to say, "Im sorry"!.. That's one phrase you have to almost pull my teeth to get me to say. it a character flaw.  Be your own, Aman Corner, speak love and positivity even if you have to swallow that tough ass pride. These are things I had to learn to do. Because I'd rather live with magic, beauty, and music., than reality and pain.

With that being said. We have two wonderful events coming up. Charivari Detroit and The Summer Oasis Glamping event. Both events should be well attended. Both have stellar line ups both are by the water, both are family friendly. One has that urban inner city coolness. While the other has that outdoorsie feel. It would be nice to see each one of the event planners at both events. Because House is about love and beauty, music and magic,, making good memories to last a life time.

And yes, I do have major issues with some involved with the summer oasis fest. I can't nor won't deny the beauty of the place or space where its to be held. Or the magic that this day will surely bring. And while I don't plan on attending (I can't catch a case for double homicide in a county where they may still hang niggas from trees) I HIGHLY suggest YOU put it on your, "to do and / or bucket list"! I'd rather promot what I LOVE and not the players I dislike!  No man or woman owns this thing of ours. You are all superstars in my book. Well..most of you, with one or two exceptions. Help others shine. Because NONE of you would be here without each other.

As for Charivari..Im digging the fact I'll hear new DJs I AM a wee bit salty that some of my favs will not be playing. But I don't get to make executive..or any decisions CHARVARI sooo...yeah.

Please remember when you speak bad about others it is a DIRECT reflection of you! Cause ya talked all that trash about Charivari..but you aint say SHIT about punk ass Paxahau and that slave section they put Detroit djs in. I respect those who put up their money love and time to make these events possible. Cedric (SUMMER OASIS) and Todd ('nem) - CHARIVARI.. BRAVO brothers...Bra-VO!!
 Thank you for still believing in magic. Seeing the beauty in the music, and for providing memories to last a lifetime. I wonder how much trouble Todd will be in with his mom this year. Yall better come, chances are he might be on punishment until he's 73...

Let The Music Play


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Post MOVEMENT and conversations with a Few

I wish you could be where I am right at this very moment. Surrounded by love and positive vibes. The food is off the chain.
The conversation of course is "dj'ese! Talks of the parties the fun, the people, the bullshit! Surveying the small and quaint setting full of Detroit's movers and shakers. I've been invited to their world and they into mine. The many conversations have my ears burning and tuned in to every syllable. An informal education is what I'm getting right now. If any verification was needed that there was\is an "after" MOVEMENT heaven place of Zen, this is it! The music is at the perfect audible for talks amongst friends. I again am surrounded by awesomeness.
That was the theme for me this entire weekend. It started with John Morales and Mark de Clive-Lowe. Coolest New Zealender you'll ever meet, and one helluva DJ/producer. Setting down at the dinner table with both he and John Dave and Melissa (thanks you two). I couldn't help but be in total fan mode. Trying to maintain my composure because I, of course didn't want to look like a complete idiot. I listened and learned.  Here I was, seated at the table with fucking John (that man is sexy as SHIT) Morales Ed7 (Australia) and fucking Mark De Clive-Lowe. ME!! PJ, someone new but true to the game. I was kinda feeling myself. -hey...I'm entitled to feel that way ya know. -all smiles.

The weekend was extremely emotional for me. I must have cried no less than 5 times.

For years I wondered what my purpose was, why am I here. What role does my place in life serve? I think I have a better understanding now. Social butterfly with a gift for hospitality. Being able to converse with anyone. I enjoy listening more now that um..I'm older. So here I was me, them and others. I felt blessed! I AM blessed!
Ive made a few mistakes, haven't we all. I've hurt a few that I love for that I am remorseful. But God continues to grant me forgiveness and oppertunity. He allows me to see what my role is in this game and in!
There was no shortage of love and good music.. And it started at The Historic Alpha House. DJ Deb ATL Stacey Hotwaxx and Mr. John E. Collins had the Alpha punch dancing! Yeah..everything and every person was moving and groovin. Love to see people joining in the spirit of dance. So glad they moved the tables. Harry..never have tables on 4th Friday...but keep the Alpha punch..we LOVE the Alpha punch!

My MOVEMENT weekend, started with The Formula party (  well it started the night before with that damn Alpha Punch and Stacey'nem), where the guest DJs were Andre Hatchett, Alan King and Wayne Williams. I took it upon myself to pick them up from the hotel (hospitable PJ was in full effect) it was simply, the right thing to do. Once I decided to get them, it dawned on me, "I can't pick them up in my truck" I was too embarrassed thank GAWD for Cedric Hesley and his Benz I mean..its a Benz and THEY are the Chosen Few. They should have been picked up in style! I mean they rode back in the black BMI (barley making it) but they rolled up in class. Poor Alan stuffed in the back with me and my hips, but the convo was good and I tried not to show how nervous I was.
As we rode Wayne asked me a few questions, one of which was " who was my favorite DJ"? With conviction in my tone and pride in my answer. "Norman Talley" was my response. I mean I LOVE them guys but Norm..well y'all already know!
They came in and beat the brakes off of the people in the room. However...being the surveyor that I am, I can't help but wonder what their thoughts were? Cause we don't dance like they do in Chicago..we move our feet..but GIG, naw..thats them Chi Town folks.
Prior to the 3 hitting the decks they made small talk and harty laughter with everyone it was nothing but love and good times. I managed to catch a little of Andre's set, but I was running back and forth to another party around the corner and passing out Excusion flyers- I was all over the place. I caught a great deal of both Wayne and Alan's set. Lol Alan plays with a cool calm demeanor but bangs with energy. Of The Chosen Few DJs he (AK) is the one I enjoy most when I want the music to take me away from lifes issues. Wayne, who accepted a challange from Angela Slate and myself taught me more about my city and HOW you play, what you play. He showed me, I still have a LOT to learn about how this shit actually works. And I am ETERNALLY grateful for the lesson! A great teacher shows by words backed up by action!
We left Drive and hit the Ron Trent party. That man played his face off and by the time we got there it was only a few left in the building. to breakfast we went! - sidenote at 4am when people ask, " wheres the best place to eat" ALWAYS listen to the fluffiest of the bunch! Nonetheless we sat down and had conversations. Y'all I was REALLY feeling myself, day two sitting down breaking bread with greatness. Selfishly I won't share our diatribes, just know I did express my thoughts on having more Detroit DJs playing in Chicago and a few questions I should have answered differently. Oh yeah, if you should ever be blessed enough to have a conversation with those two you better be ready and able to back up whatever you say. Cause you ain't pulling the wool over their eyes with bullshit! Still nervous but a bit more at ease the night just got more relaxing. I will say, there are more than a few DJs those guys really like. But I'm selfish and just want to savor the moment I had with them. Thankfully Christa was there to keep me from going into complete fandamonium mode. Robert Troutman - my real and true blood family was there as well. I love being in his company.
Im going to call what happened next, Walking with King(s)!
SO! After we leave breakfast we head towards the hotel and Louie Vega was playing at TV, which BTW was PACKED! I went into "squad" mode! Bending that corner with Alan, Wayne, Andre' , and Ron Trent ( I don't even know where Ron came from) was like slow motion. Here I was..ME motion picture slow walkin with my squad lol pulling up the rear! DAMN that felt FUCKIN GREAT! Ya see, when you walk with Kings...fools step aside.. jaws hit the floor and a big ass smile was on my face..but on the inside cause right at that moment I was feeling like a BOSS! I didn't want to show my goofiness.
You see I didn't extend myself to the gentlemen because they are the Chosen Few I did it because they are family. Sidenote I STILL have a hard time looking Alan in the face. I never want to say or do something stupid. I REALLY admire that guy. Wayne is my big human doll baby..he so cute and nice plus dude is funny! Once I dropped the fellas off, the tears came. Tears of joy, disbelief, pride. Hell I was just emotional. Day two with greatness was in the can!
...and here I was crying like a 4 year old! It was like all the mistakes and mishaps, harsh words, hurt feelings, meant nothing. There is no greater feeling than being appreciated and humbled!
I missed EVERYTHING on Saturday. But its my understanding that the parties were a hit!
Marble Bar stayed packed. TV stayed packed just about every business stayed packed.
HATE I missed the Briggs party..cause that shit was critical. Heard Reggie Reg DM had massive energy they wasn't ready for that 132-135 BPMs were they?  As always, your energy is infectious. But're married. Keep ya shirt on playa! All that goodness is reseved for the woman you gave your last name.
Thank you to those who helped pump dollars into our great city.
..ok y'all., this is going to be a LONG Blog. I still have shit to talk about! Taz, Marcellus, Cordell and Uchi dudes..I'm SUPER sorry I didn't make Excusions ya sister was beat! I mean my toe nails hurt!
M!X parties had em lifting their hands and stomping their feet. My alum (we graduated together) Patrice Scott KILT them at Deep Detroit 9!
MCW..well there was NO shortage of talent there..never is! ..and let me say this. Melissa A-P is the type of person we should all aspire to be. She is kind loving, and giving. She makes you feel warm and welcomed. She should ALWAYS be treated the same! Anyone who treats her less should simply shoot themselves..I mean WHO the hell are you!?- sorry I had to get that out! Mean girls SUCK! Congrats to the newest member of Nu Bang Mr. Tony Dennis - we have not always seen eye to eye, and perhaps we never will. But this was well deserved. Im proud of you.
Now, on to..the nitty and the gritty..aka, the bullshit!
 So! I was on my way to Theo's party when I heard it got shut down. From those who were there, word on the street was that the cops were complete ASS HOLES! How dare they thank folks for, " ruining "thier" city". Umm..ONE they better be happy cause the city pays their salaries. TWO I'm sure there was overtime. THREE..its about love which obviously they don't understand. But it was the way they talked to people. So I guess having a badge gives you the right to be a prick. Now, let's all say it together..."fuck the police" that was straight bullshit. Meanwhile you can't get these fuckers to come to your aid when you call 911. thoughts Paxahau was behind that. I mean" they've done it before..anybody remember the Russell last year.
Sad but true...IMO( in my opinion) Paxahau does NOT like big name having a party during MOVEMENT unless it has their blessing or approval. See that's that Manifest Destiny, white mans burden mentality.

Yeah, fuck you too Paxahau!...but let me tell you why, I had ALMOST changed my mind on how I felt about you seeing as though some of you have been on board since DEMF days. But time and time again you show us that, if there was a fuck to give about REAL Detroit talent, artist and fucktards don't give one! Bitches! Once again REAL DETROIT talent was put in a section that I call, the nigga area. So, the "made in detroit stage" gets a tent that looked like it was made for a family that looked like you picked up a drunk and told him to spin slowly. In an area that is under contruction. But the, Real Detroit stage was MASSIVE. There is meaning behind words. Made in Detroit IS Real Detroit! Stay woke people! Don't let these trust fund babies treat you like shit! this is for the colored folks. If ya not colored stop reading now and come back later.

Listen, imma need yall to stick the fuck together! Remember when you were young, and your parents would tell you, you can fight each other in the home. But out in the street you better stick together and fight those who come for your family. Solidarity is KEY! What Paxahau does to ONE of does to ALL of you!

They've taken the soul out of the weekend and sprinkle just abit to keep the natives quiet.

...ok non blacks y'all can start reading again.
Am I to understand that something crashed or the sound went out on one of the headliners and the mofo just danced? Was he really djing or was he pretending to be a dj.

Cause you see there is NOTHING phoney about any of the talent bred and fed here. Not only are we made in Detroit we ARE the REAL Detroit. But to that I say, respect is given when respect is demanded!

MOVEMENT 2017 is done on to the rest of the summer season. Where you are respected. Where people come to here and feel the soul of the music. Where we go back to move forward. Where love for our brothers and sisters is shown. Bring on Chosen Few and Charivari by "us" for "all".

oh and just cause I tend to speak my .mind I'd also like to see one of the Chosen Few DJs play Charivari I've shared my feelings with both Alan and Todd. I hope you two get together and chop it up. It would keep that I94 connection strong..and since neither Todd or Alan drink, a game plan will be thought out with sober minds. But which one of the Few would I like to see play?? Well..I'll say this! The Chosen Few DJs are like Lays potatoe can't have just one. Who I want and who would be the biggest draw are two different people. But imma keep that to myself!

Shout out to The House Gallery's 10 year anniversary. DJ Uchikawa for banging ALL weekend. Aye, Uchi got mad SWAG his new name is Sweet Lenny.
I missed some VERY important people this year. Fiona, Claus, Rennie, Claude, Breiss (happy birthday mon ami) and Dee Former. Its not the same without you! came in and sprinkled your awesome fairy dust. Thank you!

ending my weekend yesterday was like a dream come true. And its where I shed my last tear. To be where I was and the people who were there made this house head feel blessed. No better way to end it than in heaven. Thank you I am ETERNALLY grateful!

Let the Music Play


Monday, May 22, 2017

MOVEMENT week has begun! See yall soon

Well...well..well! So now we're  here, the weekend is approaching. We will soon have an influx of folks from all over. Im setting here at the Motor City Wine one of the must visit spots while you're in town.

Where should ya 1st stop be..why, The Historic Alpha House. Jammin John Collins and Stacey Hotwaxx Hale are set to unleash a powerful tour de FORCE! 
A few other spots to hit. The Music Hall boutique..lots of fun gear to take home to your family and friends.
I can't help but feel a since of pride. As I watched Norm Talley put folks in a trance like state at the Marble bar, Eric Johnson took us on a fantastic soulful voyage and now Rick Wilhite is doing what he does in the city he loves. The pride I feel is..I actually know all these folks, they love what they do. I think what brings them the most joy is making us dance! They make us raise our hands and consciousness. We are the folks that will make the world a better place. We express love through music and dance. For the most part we exhibit kindness and gratitude via the dancefloor we gleefully share with one another.

To see all those souls coming together in one place.  How beautiful is THAT! I can't wait for people to hear what im already very aware of..Detroit DJs are 2nd to NONE! I've been on a Delano Smith groove lately so I cant wait to see him at Motor City Wine.
...and Zay's Last man standing keeps M!X Bricktown packed ALL night!
New to the party scene is Sicaros Pandemonium-56 straight hours of non-stop House and Techno. This spot is nestled just beyond the Crown Plaza hotel. 25.00 and you can come and go as ya please.. While listening to the hottest djs around.

I have to show mad mad mad love to my Chi town DJs who will be in town to share thier musical gifts with all of you. Excusions and The Formula is where you will hear the uncompreble stylings of Alan King, Wayne Williams, Andre Hatchett, and, Cordell Johnson! You my friends from far and near will be pleased.
There's a feeling of happiness in this city right now.  Here we are..we are just waiting for all of you!
So here is an update on where to go people to see and hear. And places to make new friends. We are the global village.

Let the music play

PS... Then there's THIS ya don't want to miss it!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

MOVEMENT 2017 and the people that make you MOVE!!!

Image result

There's this thing we all get excited about. Its the time of year when the people from around the globe descend on Detroit for an epic weekend of dancing and total musical mind control. 

Hart Plaza will be all abuzz with folks from far and near to enjoy the sounds of music and enjoy grooving with the music makers and like minded individuals. 

I love the fact that MOVEMENT is here, in Detroit. We have gotten such a bad rap in the past. But we are a city on the move, an upward move. It brings me pride and joy, and anger and resentment. There are many reason's why The D is creepin on the come up. One of the biggest reasons is Gentrification, the other is well... hey!! we ARE the motor city..we MOVE you! It seems like the good ol boy's running MOVEMENT have listened to the people and will bring more Detroit area talent. Cause not all ya folk are from Detroit! but ya claim us so we will give you a, "hood pass" with yo suburban ass! Since MOVEMENT and music is all about being inclusive I will keep my somewhat militant views and covert blackness out of this as much as I can. I will say this to the, "good ol'boys" running this shindig. Keep Detroit CLEAN! we don't come in your hood and fuck it up, don't come to mine and fuck it up! 

So let's dance, party hug and love on one another and after a day in the sun, once the sun goes down.. party with the REAL movers and shakers until the sun comes back up! 

You see you have MOVEMENT and then you have the people that MOVE you! With that being said., here is your list of the TOP MUST attend events for those who LOVE Detroit and Detroit artist/DJs - 99% of these parties can be found on Facebook.-FYI then others are private..invite only even! - ya gotta be somekinda special for those events. So, a BIG "Thank you" to those who took the time out to invite folks to their "funk"tion(s)-

Most notable event this year, The Formula party. Why? Simple, it brings Detroit and Chicago together under one roof. Had it not been for Chicago -by way of NYC and Detroit Techno NONE of this would be possible. Wayne Williams joins his Detroit family once again. Wayne is bringing his Chosen Few brotheren, Andre Hatchett and my personal fav. Alan King aka Lawyer by day DJ by night. Or as I like to call him, The Barrister Banger - my own personal moniker for him cause I... am a habitual line stepper, and just bossy like that! Now Wayne will split ya wig back and make you like it! I have not had the pleasure of hearing Andre but if his last name is ANY indication of how he plays he too will be a wig splitter! Now in the matter of Alan King.. There are only TWO DJs that intimidate me. Mike Huckaby and this Cat right here., and I ain't scared of NOBODY- but whenever this dude is around I totally freeze up. But this year, I'm going to do it...I, am going to give Alan King a hug! - ( cause imma hugger) if I don't chicken out 1st.   from listening to his podcast-I AM a fan, he seems to love more vocal laced tracks than not. But then again I am not from Chicago and rarely get to  them live but I am SURE you will be in House Heaven with these three. ok and Terry Hunter is my fav.. no Mike Dunn., ok maybe Jesse Saund.. or is it Tony Hatc..ya know what.. The Chosen Few DJs. are like Lay's chips... you can't (eat) choose just one. Big Rob Martinez Jr. reppin Big Rob Martinez Sr. and NYC- bring ya church fans cause he is going to make ya hot he drives so hard and pushes the limit of the mixer.. he beats you down. He is indeed a heavy hitter! Craig Alexander likes to play hard and give just some good ol' House music he always seems to find edits and mixes that are rare - well at least to me they are. Along with my Detroit playas Rick Wilhite, Earl McKinney, DJ Magic, Marc Duncan, Bruce Bailey round out the cast of characters that will sure to please your ear and serve all kinds of realness, madness, and musical insanity

Not much needs to be said about this one right here.. Just bring your dancing shoes and be ready to gig all night long!

Malik Alston with a live performance by Hazmat. Just a musically cool event that should be well attended.

Dee Jones Stomp the House 9. There is no other party outside of MOVEMENT that brings the level of talent like Dee Jones Stomp the house.  Top notch talent from across the globe. She has moved the event to the Truth Music cafe' perfect spot for our out of town guest. Walking distance from any downtown hotel. The classy and upscale with  groovable funkiness. Footwear should  be good and comfortable, because you will indeed be Stomping the House.

Kai Alce Deep Detroit is one of those sundown to sun up gigs. You go in and lose yourself in a musically orgasmic night that leads into round two for the morning. This year Kai features my alum and dynamic DJ and producer Patrice Scott. He is a big fan of Ron Hardy so its not hard to guess that Patrice will give your ears a taste of what it was like when all this began. ...and with Kai, NO WORDS the man is just creative and deep. 

The House Gallery will celebrate 10 years in the game. Led by no one in particular and followed by all! Do I have a fav, well no but by all accounts most will say Adam Francesconi is my pick of the litter. Well nope! but he does hit the hardest when it comes to providing maximum overdrive tuneage!
This is an all day event and the line up is so twisted you have folks from several continents playing. Claus Bachor- Germany will clean your clock with his techno stylings. 
Thomas Detune - Belgium this slight and fresh face kid plays with the heart and soul of a seasoned vet. Soul and powerful set indeed! DJ Uchikawa- Japan the man is just HARD CORE! He is the highlight of every gig he plays. precise and perfect in every way! Nick Holder -Toronto Canada havnt had the pleasure of hearing him. I do know he is a fan of the Chicago sound and the owner of DNH records.
Rounding out this international musical foolishness are my favs and babes. Jeff Arthur aka DJ Taz he is one of Detroits silent but extremely deadly djs. You don't want to miss Taz! Todd Perrine aka the Sandman. Don't let the name fool you he NEVER puts anyone to sleep. One of my favorite people on the entire earth and a magnanimous DJ Derrick "Drivetrain" Thompson - ya can't put train in any category he is a man of many talents. He also doubles and Reggie's little brother. Jen Xerri - The lady of the bunch! sweet and soulful but she is like a good drug she will sneak up on you and clock ya in the head with sho'nuff heat! My "B" side babe Vincent Patricola - Disco lover and rare records player. He is also the owner of DEQ magazine make sure to pick up your copy! I have not heart Just Alexander he is out of Kalamazoo and based on what I have read is a Techno and House music DJ 

Im thinking..maybe the Motor City Wine should just turn into a bed and breakfast for MOVEMENT because anybody and everybody is playing here. Just look at the next three flyers... yeah, thats all at MCW. Im just going to give them my Paycheck and showup whenever. But most certainly I will be there for the John Morales' set! Marissa Guzman is playing with Dalano Smith and Alan Ester is playing with Carl Craig. If yall miss anything at the MCW you will be sorely re missed! o

Mix Bricktown. This place will ALWAYS be home base for me. Located a few steps away from Hart Plaza its a prime location for pop up partying. But since we don't like to do anything half assed there they have a plethora of blissfullness for all to enjoy. Check em out! 

I just thought this was a sweet ass photo of The Detroit Techno Militia and Tom Linder made me like Techno so... yeah! lol but they are having a gig.. er' I think! I will check with the 1st Lady and update this Blog as needed.

Image result for excursions detroit 2017last but MOST certainly NOT least Cordell Johnson (no relation) presents Excursions - 
Sunset to sunrise massiveness on overload. With Marcellus Pittman leading the charge. If any party will get you "wet" this one never fails to be the talk of the town. Its the warehouse feel some have 1st hand experinece at others do not so we make it our business to gig the night away with the phenomenal musical selectors that grace the decks every MOVEMENT- Location change so PLEASE BE AWARE
Dez Andres is set to have a few gigs. One at the Old Miami the Other at the Marble Bar. Sorry I do not have a flyer but will update as soon as I find it.  other locations to visit The Grio,The Whiskey disco and the Whiskey parlor. The Grasshopper Underground.   Make sure you partake in the local food Bucharest Grill, ANY Coney Island, Sweet Waters.. also don't forget to greet all with a genuine smile and the warmth of a hug. Can't wait to have you ALL in this great city.. a city on the MOVE and when all is said and done, you can tell your children and grandchildren that YOU...yes!!! YOU helped put The D back on the map, by visiting us every year around this time and allowing us to...
Let the music Play!
take a listen..